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This Week’s Fixtures

30 June 2017 (Friday)

Under 10 Axemen v Ulster – Hataitai Park @ 2.30pm

Colts v Kapiti – Te Whaea Artificial @ 7.30pm – Referee: TBA

Under 13 GSE Wildfish v Poneke Titians – Te Whaea Artificial @ 7.30pm

1 July 2017 (Note the earlier afternoon kick off times)

BCD Travel Premiers v Johnsonville – Hataitai Park @ 2.15pm

BCD Travel Premier Reserves v Johnsonville – Hataitai Park @ 12.30

Mish Mosh 80/80s v Avalon – Te Whaea Artificial @ 12.30pm (The MishMosh men defend the Centurions Cup in this fixture – Good Luck Guys!)

Blend Presidents - No game this week

Under 12 Axemen v Paremata-Plimmerton – Ngati Toa Domain No. 1 @ 9.00

Under 11 Axemen v Johnsonville Hawks – Hataitai Park @ 10.00am

Under 10 Vikings v Poneke Panthers – Basin Reserve South Field @ 10.00am

Under 9 Hurricanes v Newlands Broncos – Basin Reserve South Field @ 9.00am

Under 8 Cyclone v Western Suburbs Falcons – Ian Galloway Park No 1b @ 9.00am

Under 7 Axemen v Poneke Cheetahs – Basin Reserve North Field @ 9.00am

Under 6 Taniwha v Western Suburbs Tigers – Basin Reserve East Field @ 9.00am

Under 6 Axemen v Marist-St. Pats Leopards – Evans Bay Intermediate @ 9.00am

The week is certainly a big one for anyone with even a small passing interest in rugby with the city fair buzzing with rugby fans from all over the world mixing and mingling together in the way that only rugby of the big sports can offer. Make the most of it and enjoy every single moment!

Please check in here if in doubt as there might be a ground transfer or two if it is raining as the Council generally restrict fields to one senior level game to try to limit damage in those cases.

The big game of the weekend for the Axemen takes place on Friday afternoon up on Hataitai Park as our Under 10 Axemen take on the visiting Ulster Under 11 team who come all the way from Northern Ireland. What a wonderful experience and occasion for both the Ulster boys and our guys. It is something that you can’t learn in a school classroom and something that will live with them forever.

The Ulster boys will also be at Westpac Stadium taking the spotlight as the official Lions flagbearers, a very important role and one the guys are taking seriously.

Last week for the Premiers was not one of the best for all concerned with both teams striving hard to get the win and the pressure must have got to them. Fortunately the weather was not as bad as expected so that is something I suppose we can be grateful for, enough said. This week the BCD Travel Premiers are playing what can be described as one of the curtain raisers to the Lions Test, albeit on a different ground to the test. We will not be expecting a test match size crowd at Hataitai Park but hopefully the play will be something approaching test match standard, well All Blacks standard anyway! If you are coming to the game please come early as parking will be at a premium and you may have to park in an unfavourable spot.

The Prem Reserves went OK last week but are still suffering from sending players up to play for the Premiers as that side’s injury and player movements continue to make things difficult. Sometimes numbers are thinner than we would like but those filling in for the players fronting for the Premiers are always going to be up against it combatting what are generally well settled opponents. Please bear with us and support these guys as they battle rather large odds each and every week.

Our Colts got their season back on track last week dealing to College Old Boys-University but that has not resulted in being rewarded with a Saturday afternoon game on a proper rugby field. No, they are again stuck up at Te Whaea on Friday night. The Kapiti team are the ones in the firing line this week, assuming they can get through the traffic in time to make kick off! We don’t get to play this side all that often so hopefully our guys will deal to them enough to make them come to fear taking us on again in future.

The most important game to the Axemen this weekend is another to be sent to Te Whaea as the MishMosh Under 85kgs men put the Centurions Cup on the line against the team they won it from about a month or so ago. Our guys have had an impressive run all season long with subtle changes and improvement each and every week. Even allowing for a few subtle tweaks and roster changes to our lineup we expect more this week and it will take something impressive and unexpected from our Avalon opposition to see the Cup leaving our possession.

Presidents Grade is again a non-starter this week (after last week’s grade wide cancellation) with many players resting up in case of a late call up from Steve Hanson.

In a surprise we are privileged to have one of the junior teams scheduled to play a Saturday match on their home ground, and that doesn’t happen that often. Show them you belong at Hataitai Park Under 11s and that you should play there every second week at the very least!

Once again we have a number of junior sides playing at the Basin Reserve. Fancy that, they are allowed to play on an international cricket ground in winter but are not allowed to use a boggy suburban field. Surely this should be in the other order!

If you don’t have tickets for Westpac the Isherwood Lounge should be humming on Saturday night. Come join us as we cheer the All Blacks home to yet another win – see you up there.

Give ‘em the Axe and C’mon the All Blacks!

Car parking this week

The various car parks in Hataitai Park will be under severe pressure this weekend (June 30 / July 1) and on Saturday in particular, so much so that we cannot guarantee a spot in your normal or preferred position. At the time of writing we are unsure exactly what we will have available until sometime late on Friday afternoon/early Saturday morning so we are a bit in the dark ourselves at the moment. Rest assured we will be doing our best to accommodate everyone but ask for your tolerance if directed to park in a less than desirable spot. If you see empty parks with some sort of road cone or something deputizing for them on it, please leave them alone as they have been reserved for good reason (eg people that have difficulty walking, late arriving touchies that are travelling from referring an early game at another venue etc.) Your co-operation would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance for your understanding and consideration.

This Week’s Fixtures

10 June 2017

Senior Club

BCD Travel Premiers v Avalon – Hataitai Park @ 2.45pm

This year’s Hardham Cup is a double round robin home and away series with the points table leader at the end of the round two being the winners of the Hardham Cup. We start with two home games followed by the short trip down the road to deal to Poneke before another home match on the day of the All Blacks Test.

BCD Travel Premier Reserves v Avalon – Hataitai Park @ 1.00

Mish Mosh 80/80s v Johnsonville – Kilbirnie Park No. 3 @ 1.00

Colts v Avalon – Te Whaea Artificial @ 1.00pm

Presidents v Upper Hutt Rams – Maoribank Park No. 2 @ 2.45pm

Junior Club

Under 13 GSE Wildfish v Northern United Hawks – Porirua Park No. 4 @ 10.30am

Under 12 Axemen v Western Suburbs Wolves – Hataitai Park @ 10.30am

Under 11 Axemen v Marist-St. Pats Wolves – Prince of Wales Park No. 2 @ 9.00am

Under 10 Vikings v College Old Boys-University Wolfes – Boyd Wilson Artificial @ 10.00am

Under 9 Hurricanes v Western Suburbs Orcas – Ian Galloway Park No. 1b @ 9.00am

Under 8 Cyclones v Poneke Vultures – Basin Reserve South Field @ 9.00am

Under 7 Axemen v Western Suburbs Leopards – Ian Galloway Park Mini Field 8i @ 9.00am

Under 6 Taniwha v Marist-St. Pats Leopards – Evans Bay Intermediate @ 9.00am

Under 6 Axemen v Johnsonville Tigers – Basin Reserve East Field @ 9.00am

Correct as at the time of writing. Fingers crossed that the wintery weather forecast to come on Saturday doesn’t but if you are fronting up at Hataitai it might pay to throw your gumboots in the boot. Despite the new drainage system being installed about six months ago it is still taking time to settle in. Take that as a word of warning!

Please check in here if in doubt as there might be a ground transfer or two if it is raining as the Council generally restrict fields to one senior level game to try to limit damage in those cases. RFU

This Week’s Fixtures

16 June 2017 (Friday)

U21 Colts v Johnsonville – Te Whaea Artificial Pitch @ 7.30pm

Under 7 Axemen v Marist-St. Pats Leopards – Te Whaea Artificial Pitch @ 5.30pm

17 June 2017

BCD Travel Premiers v Upper Hutt Rams – Hataitai Park @ 2.45pm

BCD Travel Premier Reserves v Upper Hutt Rams – Hataitai Park @ 1.00pm

Mish Mosh Axemen U85s v Tawa – Redwood Park @ 2.45pm

Presidents v Wainuuiomata – William Jones Park @ 2.45pm

Under 13 GSE Wildfish v Rimutaka – Maoribank Park No. 2 @ 10.30am

Under 12 Axemen v Northern United Titans – Porirua Park No. 3 @ 10.30am

Under 11 Axemen v Poneke Dolphins – Te Whaea Artificial Pitch @ 9.00am

Under 10 Vikings v Poneke Sharks – Hataitai Park @ 9.00am

Under 9 Hurricanes v Marist-St. Pats Lions – Basin Reserve South Field @ 10.00am

Under 8 Cyclones v Western Suburbs Hawks – Basin Reserve South Field @ 9.00am

Under 6 Taniwha v Marist-St. Pats Cougars – Basin Reserve East @ 9.00am

Under 6 Axemen v Newlands Angles – Newlands Field 1 iv @ 10.00am

BCD Travel Axemen Teams for 17 June 2017

These are the Axemen Teams to play Upper Hutt Rams @ Hataitai Park

BCD Travel Premiers

  1. Henry Hocking (32)
  2. Tony Smith (20)
  3. Paddy Hughes (58)
  4. Jonnie Te Ruki-Chambers (1)
  5. Ollie Sapsford (9)
  6. Eremia Tapsell (22)
  7. Te Aranga Hakiwai (3)
  8. Sam Gard’ner (Captain) (55)
  9. Chris Toms (11)
  10. Liam Privett (10)
  11. Alex Dalzell (26)
  12. Simon Shearer (55)
  13. Jason Bird (22)
  14. Ben Hendry (4)
  15. Joe Reid (8)
  16. Tyrone Parson (0)
  17. Raimona Tapiata (0)
  18. Callum McCullough (0)
  19. Tom Robertson (9)
  20. Hone Haerewa (8)
  21. Ben May (1)
  22. Sam Church (2)

BCD Travel Premier Reserves

  1. Josh Lodge
  2. Pari Tapiata
  3. Paea Touhuni
  4. Junior Purcell
  5. Mitch Wood
  6. Martin Ryan
  7. Ben May
  8. Hone Haerewa
  9. Tom Robertson
  10. Callum McCullough
  11. Jessie Noone
  12. Dave Saunders
  13. Raimona Tapiata
  14. Cam Rosengrave
  15. Darren Combrick
  16. Russell Kun
  17. Jordan Henderson
  18. Tom Kiddle
  19. Ranui Burchett

Figure in () = number of previous Premier Starts

After a good display against Avalon last week that the scoreboard really did not do real justice to we see only a few changes from last week, mostly due to varsity exams. Nonetheless we have just the seven players starting this time who started when we played them in round two of the Swindale Shield, thirteen weeks ago. Of the seven just one, Henry Hocking, is playing in the same jersey. Compared to the only time we met them last season the Axemen have a total of just four players starting this week that also started last season. Upper Hutt seem to have a fairly settled lineup most weeks and they too come off a good win last time out.

After a 26 point spanking up at Maidstone Park earlier this season the Axemen will have to pull out all stops to turn it around back at The Graveyard, starting with last week’s goal kicking wobbles being cured by scoring all tries under the posts, you heard it here first! Hopefully things might go our way a bit more this time round and the earlier loss is avenged.

The Premier Reserves almost pulled of a win last week and would have done so but for some freakish luck that went their opponents way. This week’s foe went really well in the first round so a big effort will again be required by our guys.

Colts have a Friday night game on at the same time as the All Blacks v Samoa test. They are showing signs of continued improvement and another win is expected this week.

Most importantly for the Axemen the Mish Mosh Under 85s put the JC Rosebowl (trophy for the first round) on the line against the only other unbeaten outfit in a winner take all encounter on Tawa’s home ground. It’s ok guys the Treasurer has already approved the funds to get the trophy engraved so don’t feel too bad about the expense a victory will incur.

The Pressies were away at Maoribank last week and are away again at Wainuiomata this week. They might as well have made it a mid-season tour to cut down on the travel involved to ensure they front up in peak condition! The big event for the club this week will happen the moment our Vaea Fifita crosses the sideline in the All Black’s Test against Samoa to become the Club’s 17th All Black and the first since Dion Waller who played in the 24 – 20 victory over Argentina at Buenos Aires’ River Plate Stadium in 2001. Fingers crossed that this will happen……………………

Click here if you want to relive this match

The Sound of Herbie the Hound

Last week was a hard one to go through
Any loss simply would not do

Playing for our fallen brother Dan
We could not let down our Man with the Plan

Dan, on you face we know was a great big smile
Two wins in a row, for us it’s been quite a while

We know you helped us from way up above
Our one point win, a show of our love

We hope you are happy up where you rest
While down here we aim to do our best

Showing plenty of guts and tons of your grit
Trying to uphold your fighting spirit

Anything less simply would not do
We had to win, we did it just for you

Your humour so unique, a wonderful man
Rest in peace our unforgettable Dan

Well two one pointers in a row
We are on a roll, up the table we go

Wainuiomata are next in our sights
We have the Cup, we have bragging rights

They might be on a bit of a winning run
Taking them down will be so much fun

Wiping the smirks of their face
Kick them in the arse, put them in their place

Thinking they’ll win, oh they’re so funny
Come prepared you’ll be flushed down the dunny

Our strengthened team will be too strong
Believe me, I’m not often wrong

Plenty of Axemen fire brimstone and bristle
And after 80 minutes, the final whistle

Into the changing rooms, listen, it won’t be long
Before the Axmen belt out the victory song

Accompanied by a man playing his sax
Mini Haka “Give ‘em the Axe”

This Week’s Fixtures

26 May 2017 (Friday)

Under 13 GSE Wildfish v Northern United Terriers – Bernie Wood Artificial @ 7.30pm

27 May 2017

BCD Travel Premiers v Wainui – Hataitai Park @ 2.45pm – Ref: Daniel Mangin
BCD Travel Premier Reserves v Wainui – Hataitai Park @ 1.00 – Ref: Campbell Barry

Mish Mosh U85s v Western Suburbs – Ian Galloway No.1 @ 2.45pm – Ref: Tali Ifi
Colts v Wainuiomata – Te Whaea @ 1.00pm – Ref: TBA
Presidents v Tawa – Redwood Park @ 2.45pm – Ref: TBA

Under 12 Axemen v Wainuiomata Mac Attacks – Mary Crowther No. 1 @ 10.30am
Under 11 Axemen v Oriental-Rongotai – Polo Ground No. 2 @ 9.00am
Under 10 Vikings v Poneke Avengers – Kilbirnie Park No. 3b @ 9.00am
Under 9 Hurricanes v Johnsonville Jaguars - Newlands Field 1b @ 10.00am
Under 8 Cyclones v Marist-St. Pats Lions – Basin Reserve South Field @ 9.00am
Under 7 Axemen v Johnsonville Pythons – Te Whaea Artificial Pitch @ 9.00am
Under 6 Taniwha v Orientai-Rongotai Tuis – Te Whaea Artificial Pitch @ 9.00am
Under 6 Axemen v Old Boys-University Wilsons – Boyd Wilson Artificial @ 9.00am

Fingers crossed that the wintery weather forecast to come in Saturday doesn’t but if you are fronting up at Hataitai it might pay to throw your gumboots into the boot. Despite the new drainage system being installed about six months ago it is still taking time to settle in. Take that as a word of warning!

Please check in to link below if in doubt as there might be a ground transfer or two if it is raining as the Council generally restrict fields to one senior level game to try to limit damage in those cases. RFU

Points to note:

The BCD Travel Premiers and Reserves are back at home this week after a fortnight away with The Bill Jones Cup at stake. The Axemen currently hold this trophy after sneaking home 33 – 26 in the last game of the Swindale Shield on June 4 up at the aptly named William Jones Park last season.

The Prems expect to have a couple of players returning from injury but on the other side of the coin Japanese firebrand Toshhiki Yamauchi is almost certain to be on the sideline wearing his Number 1s after sadly breaking his ankle last week. Rumour has it he will be having a late morning fitness test just in case. Toshi will be heading back up to Japan very shortly so make sure you call into the Isherwood Lounge to give him a proper kiwi sayonara. With the possible returning from injury players the Premier Reserves should also get a welcome boost to their numbers as they look to lower the Wainuiomata colours.

We also bid a farewell to our most capped player of recent times, Adam Stewart, who leads the pack with 66 Premier starts since his debut way back on June 8 2013 when we cleaned up Rimutaka 38 – 09 out at Rimutaka. Another really good reason to drop into the Isherwood Lounge after the matches as we give him an appropriate goodbye. Incidentally Adam was one of the try scorers in the 2016 Bill Jones Cup game mentioned above. One try last season Stewvy, aim for three this time to really ram home just how much we will all miss you.

The Mish Mosh 85s put in a pretty determined effort on a very important day for them last Saturday and that saw them retain the Centurions Cup. Well done guys, keep it going this week aiming for the big prize on offer for reaching the half century.

The Colts, also on a very important day for them played with the utmost determination and guts to record a well-deserved morale booster. There is no reason why the winning run cannot continue on for the foreseeable future. If you can make Te Whaea please drop in and give them your support.

Blend Pressies – After not giving MSP a sniff last week and coming through injury free they will be raring to go again this week. News of their all encompassing success spread like wildfire and must have this week’s opposition having to revise their game plans to combat the rediscovered secrecy to ensuring Axemen success after our guys have righted the ship following a couple of unexpected high tides made things difficult recently.

Once again the juniors are all over the place with the exception of our home ground! Last week it was the Under 12 under the spotlight as they took on near neighbours the Poneke Turbos. It was a pretty good effort to take their down given the rather difficult underfoot conditions so well done guys and good luck for you big trip over to Wainuiomata this weekend.

Anyone else wanting a big trip (better still why not make it to both games) then our Under 13 Wildfish have the main billing out at the Bernie Wood Artificial pitch on Friday night kicking off at 7.30pm. Sorry Under 11 Axemen you missed out on sharing the spotlight last weekend when something cropped up late to prevent the writer getting there. Hopefully that can be put right next time you are at home.

All you other Juniors get out there and have some fun as you put into practice all the new things your coaches have taught you this week.

Good luck to all teams – Give ‘em the Axe

Bruce Moore

BCD Travel Wellington Axemen Teams Named

Hot off the press these are the Axemen Teams to play Wainuiomata @ Hataitai Park 27/05/17

BCD Travel Premiers 2.45pm

  1. Henry Hocking (29)
  2. Connor Fuli (8)
  3. Olly Sapsford (8)
  4. Paddy Hughes (55)
  5. Sam Church (1)
  6. Eremia Tapsell (19)
  7. Callum Harkin (7)
  8. Sam Gard’ner (Captain) (52)
  9. Liam Privet (7)
  10. Hone Haerewa (7)
  11. Tom Robertson (7)
  12. Alex Dalzell (23)
  13. Anthony Ellis (16)
  14. Jason Bird (19)
  15. Adam Stewart (66)
  16. Tala Kitekei’aho (54)
  17. Joe Reid (5)
  18. Damian Winter (24)
  19. TBA
  20. Chris Toms (9)
  21. TBA
  22. TBA

BCD Travel Premier Reserve 1.00pm

  1. Rhys Magele
  2. Jope Vakacequ
  3. Paea Touhuni
  4. Mitch Wood
  5. Josh Lodge
  6. Martin Ryan
  7. Stu
  8. Ranui Burchett
  9. Chris Toms
  10. Callum Ireland
  11. Jessie Noone
  12. Nafi Ma’afu
  13. Raimona Tapiata
  14. Tyrone Parson
  15. Joe Reid
  16. Darren Combrick
  17. Jordan Henderson
  18. Tom Kiddle

Again a few enforced changes with a few boys back home in the Bay for a festival and another couple of injuries has seen coaches Marty Berry and Si Culley giving plenty of time as they mulled out the various combinations of those available to come up with the team named. The bench still has a couple of spots where their thought processes are still to come up with an answer and probably won’t be confirmed until they see how some of the boys pull up from the Premier Reserves match.

Good to see stalwarts Tala and Damian back in the fray this week as they get a bit of match play in readiness to step into the gap soon to be left by Adam and Ants Heartland Championship aspirations precluding them from any further participation in club rugby in Wellington for this season anyway.

Johnny de G and Numi are in a similar boat with confirming their Premier Reserve lineup with a fairly large list of players unavailable again this week. Life for a Prem Reserve coach is never easy………….

Hopefully things will work out ok come kick off time.

BCD Travel Wellington Axemen Premier Team named

Well the weather might not be quite as bad as forecast so even more reason to traipse on out to Ngati Toa Domain to support the Axemen as they take on Paremata-Plimmerton as they try to put a stop to the run of losses. Kick off is at 2.45pm but we do have the Colts and Premier Reserves also playing at Ngati Toa kicking off at 1.00pm so getting there early will see you benefit from having the possibility of getting a park in the clubrooms carpark as well as warming up your vocal chords in readiness for the main game.

One again Coaches Berry and Culley have had to juggle their squad as injuries still plague them.

Both last week’s starting wingers are out and they have been replaced by a returning Tony Smith and newcomer Iziah Montgomery who steps up from the Colts. Iziah come to us out of Te Aute College and Wellesley College, both fabled rugby schools so you can be sure he will know his way around the rugby field!

Olly Sapsford returns back in the number 13 jersey. Big things are expected from Olly as he pushes for higher honours. On the opposite side the well performed 2016 Wellington Lions Development player Paddy Hughes has again been struck down by injury. Hopefully he will pull his weight during the aftermatch festivities!

Eremia Tapsell is a fix it man this season and on his return he slots in at second five, about the third or fourth jersey number he has slipped over his head this year, after Japanese fireball Toshhiki Yamauchi joins those on the casualty ward list. Equally on fire Peni Naibanivalu is still missing, hopefully his absence will not be for much longer. Some of our fans are still talking about the couple of times he sliced through against both the Poneke and the combined College Old Boys-Victoria University outfits.

Terry Soli and beanpole Simon Shearer are both broken down so make way for the previously injured Liam Privet and Tom Robinson coming in at openside and lock respectively.

We also welcome back Ants Ellis from his overseas sojourn who slots in at loosehead shifting 50 game blazer holder Adam Stewart to the bench. For Stewart to miss a start he must be on deaths door given his legendary toughness. The bench is always a work in progress given the injury problems so could change depending on how the players pull up from the 1.00 matches. There is still one spot on the bench to be named so please everyone take your boots and your credit cards and you never know what might happen. Everything is for sale as they say!

Our opponents seem to have a bit of a revolving door policy with a number of changes being made each and every week so we must presume that they too are going through a bit of a bad injury run. Hopefully theirs is worse than ours!!

At the time of writing the BCD Travel Wellington Football Club Premier Team will line up as follows:

  1. Henry Hocking
  2. Iziah Montgomery
  3. Olly Sapsford
  4. Eremia Tapsell
  5. Tony Smith
  6. Hilton Mexted
  7. Callum Harkin
  8. Sam Gard’ner (Captain)
  9. Liam Pivet
  10. Hone Haerewa
  11. Tom Robinson
  12. Alex Dalzell
  13. Joe Reid
  14. Jason Bird
  15. Anthony Ellis
  16. Ben Hendry
  17. Adam Stewart
  18. yrone Parson
  19. Nafi Ma’afu
  20. Paea Touhuni
  21. Te Aranga Hakiwai
  22. TBA

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